Robert Moore Williams


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Robert Moore Williams 1907-1997

Here are the stories and books I know about:

Jongor of Lost Land (1940)

The Impossible Invention (1942)

The Return of Jongor (1944)

Refuge for Tonight (1949)

The Red Death of Mars (unknown)

Men against the Stars (1950)

The Best Science Fiction Stories (1951)

The Chaos Fighters (1955)

Conquest of the Space Sea (1955)

Doomsday Eve (1957)

The Blue Atom (1958)

The Void Beyond: And Other Stories (1958)

World of the Masterminds (1960)

To the End of Time: And Other Stories (1960)

The Day They H-Bombed Los Angeles (1961)

The Darkness before Tomorrow (1962)

King of the Fourth Planet (1962)

Walk up the Sky (1962)

Envoy to New Worlds and Flight from Yesterday (omnibus) (1963)

Flight from Yesterday (1963)

The Star Wasps (1963)

The Lunar Eye (1964)

The Second Atlantis (1965)

Zanthar of the Many Worlds (1967)

Vigilante 21st Century (1967)

Zanthar at Moon's Madness (1968)

The Bell from Infinity (1968)

Zanthar at the Edge of Never (1968)

Zanthar at Trip's End (1969)

Jongor Fights Back (1970)

Beachhead Planet (1970)

When Two Worlds Meet: Stories of Men on Mars (1970)

Love Is Forever, We Are for Tonight (1970)

Now Comes Tomorrow (1971)

Seven Tickets to Hell (1972)

Ackermanthology (1997)