More Moore Cuzins'


More Moore Cuzins'

The Picture On The Top Of The Page Is:


Back Row L to R:

Lloyd Leander Moore February 18, 1881 to July 27, 1973

Martin Edward Moore March 16, 1883 to August 12, 1985

Jessie E Moore born Abt. 1878

Baby Clyde

Asbery (Asa) William Ball June 09, 1870 to March 08, 1956

Judith Kizie Moore Ball May 15, 1876 to December 19, 1939


Middle Row L to R:

Jessie Leander Moore November 11, 1848 to May 11, 1925

Rebecca C Moore October 20, 1850 to April 15, 1929

Julia Johnson Moore born Abt. 1879

baby Sanford


Front Row L to R:

Jeannie Ball November 15, 1889 to December 1990

Ivory Wesley Ball November 15, 1892 to October 06, 1961


Parker School Around 1930

First Row:

  1. Floyd Moore
  2. Robert Moore 

Second Row:

  1. Dorthy Moore
  2. Esther Marlowe
  3. Boyce Moore
  4. Rose Marlowe
  5. Virgil Hayes

Third Row:

  1. Howard Hayes
  2. Hobert Hayes
  3. Faye Marlow

Fourth Row:

  1. Lee Marlowe
  2. Ruth Hayes
  3. Ray Moore
  4. Deached Hayes
  5. Ruth Moore
  6. Rose Hayes
  7. Linville Marlow


Peadie Tedder


Daniel and Bertha Marlow (they had the same last name / she was the granddaughter of Beverly and Sarah Moore Marlow)


James William Moore and wife Meeke Jane Hamm


James Martin Ball (son of John Wesley and Mary Lodermie Moore Ball) and wife Nancy Adalina Anderson (granddaughter of Jessie and Annie Moore Anderson) with daughter Mary Lucinda Ball


Mancel M Nance married Arby Jeanettie Marlow


Benjamin A Nance and wife Dicey Anderson (who was the daughter of Enos C and Sarah Moore Anderson)