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Moore Family Pictures

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Ida May Moore married John Browning Williams February 27, 1889 in Saint Francois, Missouri. She is the daughter of Riley and Mary Elizabeth McFarland Moore, and that Riley is a son of Jesse Moore and Judy Price.

(Grandparents) Martin E Moore (March 16, 1883 to August 12, 1985) married Alice Adeline Marlow (July 31, 1887 to February 13, 1969)

Moore Family on the Brushy Mountain / before they moved to town

(Son) Martin Moore married Marci Long

(Son) Glen Moore married Amy Tolly

(Mom and Dad) McKinley R. Moore (May 19, 1921 to February 19, 1994) married Juanita Victoria Bumgarner (January 01, 1923 to April 24, 1980)

Wayne and Elaine

Ken, Berlwyn, Virgil, Martin, Alice, Lonnie, Sylvia, Lonnie the pictures was taken in August 1958
Boyce, Buck Gambill, Ken
Len Moore and Steve Johnson Juanita, Glen, and Maggie. The picture was taken in Germany about 1970
James Virgil Moore married Nellie Marlow Papo (This picture was the one put in the newspaper)
Lonnie and Papo 1973
Papo, Mamo, and Lonnie Juanita and Ken at our house on the Armory Road Berwlyn and Agnes 1973
Len and Friendly /The house dad bought on the Armory Road belonged to a bootlegger. Friendly came in handy as strange cars would come to our drive during the day and the middle of the night. Juanita (Boyce's first wife), Boyce, Unknown (I think this is Buck's first wife) Buck Gambill, Juanita, and Ken
Ken and Len / Outside our house on the Armory Road Juanita and Elaine / We lived on the same road as we were growing up and were together just about each day
Boyce, Harrison, Ken / They always had a good time when they were together Elaine and Juanita (Mom wrote on the back of the picture that she did not know it was being taken)
Ken with his crew in Germany 1944 during WWII Boyce 1953
Lonnie 1953 / I think both this picture and Boyce's were taken at Clevenger College. Sis, Ken, Juanita
Virgil, Nellie, and Diane 1973