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Most of the Moore Clan

Standing Left to Right: James Steven Johnson, Lonnie Lee Moore, Berlwyn Martin Moore, James Virgil Moore, Kenneth Lee Moore, McKinley R. Moore, Sylvia Moore Johnson, Boyce L Moore


Keeling Let to Right: Carrol Jean Johnson Lovette, Diane Moore Vidrine, Agnes Elaine Moore Michael, Martin Edward Moore, Alice Ann Moore


Keeling Behind Alice Ann Moore: McKinley Len Moore


Not Pictured: Wayne Virgil Moore

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Visitors, take a peek to see why you're lucky that you didn't get our family's genes. Family, if you have the, as Berlwyn use to say, "the courtin' nose."

Moore's and the Number "9"

Strange facts -  Dates of death:

Ken & Berlwyn died    Feb 19th

Virgil died   November 19th

Alice died  1969

Lonnie died  March 09th

Sylvia died January 09th

Roy died  September 29th

Ann died 1999


Dates of birth:

Ken born  May 19th

Virgil born January 29th

Boyce born April 29th

Roy born 1919


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Going HiTech


Our Moore clan genealogy has hit a brick wall. We have not been able to prove any forefathers before Sterling Moore born about 1770. A friend and cousin, Susan Mannos, has graciously agreed to pay for a DNA test for our family. We should have to results of out test by Thanksgiving.


Back in 1985, the first genetic "fingerprint" was a miracle of science. Today, DNA analysis is standard practice for defining paternity or maternity, predisposition to disease, embryonic health, criminal guilt or innocence, and so on.

But in our context, DNA analysis is mainly used for genealogical investigations.

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